Friday, 31 May 2013

My blusher collection

Some people call it Blush, some Blusher. What is it? I'll go with Blusher since I'm British.
There will be mixed reactions here with some being absolutely horrified that this is the collection of one person alone. Others will be thinking more along the lines of: "You call that a collection? That would fit in one of my five blusher draws!" So which side am I on? Well, I'm torn. This is a rather large collection. But then again I use all of what I own, most of the corals on myself and the rest when I do others' makeup, so it is getting used.

I have always been an eyeshadow fan and my collection has always been more on the eyeshadow heavy side. I was never that into blusher because it wasn't an item I wore everyday, unlike BB cream or mascara for example. But recently I have been really into flushes of colour on my cheeks and my blush collection has grown. Laying it all out has really shown me how much my collection has expanded in the last year. (Here is the link to my previous makeup collection posts if you want to see just how much it's multiplied.)

The dominating brand there is Sleek and I must say that for the price (especially with the 3for2 offers in Superdrug - the only time I buy them) they are very affordable and good quality. I also love GOSH as they provide a really natural flush.

I've got tan/olive skin (NC30 currently, NC25 when I lighten up) so I really love peaches and corals on me.

My most recent purchase was a few days ago - a MAC limited edition shade called Ripe For Love from the Temperature Rising collection. I had no intention of buying anything from MAC or from this collection but as soon as I saw it I thought it reminded me a little of Modern Mandarin but Ripe For Love is a peachier, more coral shade. The sales assistant was really useless, when I asked her for it she told me they didn't have a blush with that name and made me walk to the front of the store to prove to her it existed (like I would make it up!). I have heard a lot of stories about snooty sales assistants in MAC but never ones that are completely clueless, haha.
 The packaging is more rubberised and is slightly two toned.
Whilst I was fawning over that blush I decided to go through my collection and choose my desert island picks and what's funny is that in my pared down collection there is NO MAC whatsoever.

From top left to right: Etude House Corset blush in Orange Mango fit, Sleek Suede, Sleek Life's a peach, Sleek's coral, Sleek's Sugar Trio. Middle left shade: imyss blush (a Korean product, doesn't have the shade written on it). Bottom row left to right: Bourjois shade 54, GOSH powder blushers in shades Melon and Flower Power, Creme blush in shade 001 Peachy Rush, Sleek trio in Lace
If I had to pick a few blushers that I could survive on I would choose the above. Apart from 2 Korean brands, and one Bourjois blush the rest are GOSH and Sleek. Most are also matte shades. Only two pinks!

So yeah, I'm on a no buy now because I'm blessed to have a decent collection. But if I was going to buy any more blushers I'd buy a few pinks or lavender-ish shades more to have in my kit than for my own personal use. No need for that right now though.

Blusher is now my official favourite makeup item :)

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