Saturday, 21 April 2012

Just an update + Korean cosmetic haul

Awfully sorry for my lack of posts recently! One of the perils of being a newly qualified teacher, especially around the March-May period, is the stress of exams and a constantly increasing workload. I've got to be careful to stay afloat of my huge piles of essay marking or I can find myself drowning in essays. A good chunk of my Easter holidays were spent simply chugging through my 180 Year 9 and Year 11 essays. I got all those done and this weekend I've found myself stuck with another 90! Great times -_-. Next month I'll be a lot more constant with updates. I noticed last year I was very good around the June-August summer period, I'm sure this year will be pretty much the same thing.

So Korean cosmetics! I'm a sucker for cutesy packaging and natural ingredients so Korean cosmetics always intrigue me. They make a lot of claims and these don't always work out for me but at a few pounds a pop they're affordable enough to try.

I buy from eBay but have recently joined which seems a lot more reliable so will most likely use that in future for Asian skincare splurges.
First up - Tony Moly Tangerine whitening hand cream (around £4). My hands are extremely tanned compared to the rest of me and I find it a little off putting. I dislike testing makeup on my hands, especially face products, as I know they'll look completely different on my face so can never judge if they'll suit my skin tone through back of hand swatches. I've been using this cream for a while now and whilst it smells really good and I like the texture, I can't say I've noticed any difference in skin tone. Still, I love the packaging so that's one thing I'll be pleased to reuse!

Next up is the SkinFood Tomato whitening serum (not sure how much I purchased mine for but a quick eBay search shows these go for around £9 now). I bought this for my scarring as I scar super easily and they take ages to fade. So far it's not done much but I've only used it a few times. I'm not sure it will be successful really, so I'll only add some updates if I feel it's newsworthy.

Etude House Secret Beam highlighter (around £7) has some rather large looking particles of shimmer in it. It doesn't do much for my oily skin rather than make me pores look ginormous but I use it when doing others' makeup and it looks good on those with medium skin tones.
Etude House lip balm (a couple of pounds). Pretty ridiculous packaging but it works.

Baviphat lemon lip balm (around £4) is surprisingly good and tastes good too.
That concludes my eBay hauling and will probably be my final haul from there for a while. It's always hit and miss whether I'll like the products and since most of the reviews are in Korean which I don't always understand it's hard to tell if the products will be suitable for me or not. I guess I'll be sticking to UK skincare and makeup from now.

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