Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Is it just me or have ELF had non stop sale codes going all year?

I used the 40% off sale code last week - and then got emailed with the 50% code a week later. Frustrating for me but I guess ELF are making some bank from it.
The stuff:
3 nail polishes (usually £1.50 each) - 2 glittery and 1 purple. Nice looking on day one but chipped on all my nails by day two. Don't see myself repurchasing these!

Radiance Enhancer Pen (£3.50) - similar to Benefit's in colour but a thicker formula. Worked the same one me as Benefit so I'll be using this one in future.

Mineral Eyeshadow in Earthy (£3) - Nice.

Retractable Lip Brush (£3.50) - Fine.

Nail pens (£1.50). I got two for myself and three to give away. I like them well enough. Very affordable.

I keep meaning to buy myself a new camera so that I can finally get round to taking some decent quality pictures but keep forgetting. iPhone pics it's gotta be for a few weeks longer at least.

On a general note I think this will be my last ELF haul for a while. While the price is unparalleled the quality of products is so hit and miss I think I'll stick to safer brands in future.

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