Thursday, 6 October 2011

Autumn Wishlist

I went to the new Westfield in Stratford the day after it opened and it wasn't the most pleasant of experiences - the huge crowds made it IMPOSSIBLE to stand still in one place and as a result I found myself rushing around from place to place and buying stuff at random (my haul post from the day is here). Still, it is the closest large shopping center to me and a single bus journey away from work so I will try and brave another journey there soon and hopefully the crowds will have calmed down a little.

Anyway there is a L'Occitane store there so I do want to stock up on some more Rice Matte Fluid which is the best mattifying moisturiser I've ever used. It controls shine better than any other moisturiser I've used and it does so without dehydrating the skin like some other creams can. It is rather pricey (£21 for 30ml) but as it's the only moisturiser that has been effective at helping keep shine at bay for me, I am keen to repurchase it. Besides, I'm sure I've wasted lots more money in trying out moisturisers that haven't worked for me, so I can't say I've saved myself any money by not repurchasing it. Now that I've found something that works I'm going to try and stick to it.
 Next item on my list: Vichy Dermablend foundation. I've got three foundations in my stash at the moment (Chanel Mat Lumiere which is nearly finished, Bourjois Healthy Mix which is currently a little too light in coverage for me and Lancome Teint Miracle which is too orange for my liking). When my Chanel runs out I'm thinking of purchasing this foundation since I've heard it's good for evening out skintone.
I'm also considering purchasing the Cover fx cream foundation which was on my last wish list too.
I've not tried anything from Laura Mercier yet but the new Caviar Stick eyeshadow looks interesting.
That's it for now - usually I have loads of things on my wishlist but I guess now I've reached saturation point!


  1. Hey Peaches! Long time! I haven't really been blogging. So bad... I still didn't put up my blog entry about our swap. :( sowee!
    Anyhow... the Dermablend foundation is amazing, but not for overall wear. It's quite heavy to wear all over your face. Very heavy coverage. I usually use it as concealer. But it is pretty awesome!

  2. Yeah, you've been on an extended break for ages! I liked your photo challenge posts, hope you get back to doing them!

    I may give that foundation a miss if it's as heavy as that then!


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