Sunday, 18 September 2011

ELF and their never ending 50% off offers

Well I say never-ending but apparently they've just had their final 50% offer code 2011. I've used the 50% off code twice this year but I know I missed a few. Anyhoo here's my latest stash:
I have raved about the ELF powder brush non-stop and I'll continue to promote it. *BUT* I will admit the quality of the brush has been changing a lot over the years. I have at least 4+ of these brushes altogether now (I leave one at work, one for foundation, one for powder, one for clients etc.) and ELF have clearly been making their brushes thinner over time. My first Powder brush purchased a couple of years ago was packed choc-a-block full of bristles but the newer brushes are a lot thinner. I also have a couple that have handles glued on askew (one of those handles also came off completely during one wash). So I'm not saying ELF have the highest quality brushes anymore but purchased for £1.75 (with sale code) I still think their Studio brushes are more than worth it.

I also got more Nail Cuticle pens because I like carrying them with me when travelling (I use them when I'm on the bus) and more Shine Erasers (because I'm perpetually shiny faced). Everything else I got are extras to use on clients.

The Matte Lip Colour pens are pretty average so that's a disappointment but at least I didn't pay full price for them.

I think this will be my last ELF haul for a while. The main items I like from ELF are Powder and Complexions brushes, Shine Erasers and Cuticle Pens. I have wasted a fortune trying out practically everything else they sell and I have not been blown away by quality - I guess in this case, you get what you pay for. Since I have back ups of the few items I would consider repurchasing, I think this is the end of my ELF hauling for a while.


  1. Hey peeches luvin the blog! im also from london do you know where the local mac store is? -central- btw Thanks xx

  2. There is a MAC store somewhere near Oxford Street I'm sure and MAC counters in Selfridges and a few other places in Oxford Street. There is also a new MAC store due to open in the Westfield in Stratford. I prefer Inglot to MAC though! ^^


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