Saturday, 27 August 2011

New wishlist

I did my last wishlist post a while back and managed to buy two items from it (Bobbi Brown's BBU palette and the Urban Decay 15th anniversary palette).

I thought that my makeup obsession was under control for a while but then, of course, the August favourite vids started going up on youtube and I watched them all with pen and paper in hand, listing down all the items that seemed interesting.

So here's the first item on my list:

Etude House Miss Tangerine lip tints and lipsticks
I'm not generally a fan of tangerine and I don't know if it would go with my medium-fair skin tone but I'm just sold on how it looks on Sandara Park. She was what - in her mid 20s when this was shot? But she looks like a teen. I KNOW that she probably has expensive lotions, potions and serums to help her look good, as well as trained makeup artists, not to mention extensive editing and air brushing on these advertising campaigns... Still. She makes me want to buy these lip products. Gah, I told you I'm an advertiser's dream.

Cover FX - Powder FX Pressed Mineral Powder Foundation
This seems ideal for me since I have oily skin that is prone to acne. It's pretty expensive here though (£31 at House of Fraser but only $35 in America [that's £22]. Then again nearly everything is more affordable in the USA.)

Sleek Pout Paints
Saw these in Superdrug as soon as they were released and they were on offer too (3for2 and individually priced £4.99). I picked up 3 shades and then returned them before I got to the till as I decided the swatches I did seemed too garish for my taste. I really regret having not picked them up now though since I didn't really attempt mixing them (which is how they are meant to be used). They're permanent though so I'm sure I'll pick up them up at a later date.

And the other items I still want: Urban Decay Book of Shadows 4 (I wish they'd tell us the official release dates), Inglot shadows (I'm hoping there'll be another Inglot store in the new Westfield opening in Stratford but I'm not keeping my fingers crossed) and Inglot concealers.

I'm doing a few people's makeup this week so I get to use all my latest stuff (inc. the BBU Palette and Urban Decay palettes).

I keep thinking I'll reach a stage where I just get bored of talking about makeup and will reach my saturation point but it hasn't happened yet. Gah how I love makeup :)

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