Saturday, 27 August 2011

My makeup book collection

(All prices listed are those on amazon)

The Ultimate Guide to Beauty by Anjani Gosai (£16.96)

Definitely a great one for beginners and those just getting into makeup. Lots of tips about makeup, skincare and hair. A good read but not informative enough for intermediate+.
This is a good book for South Asian women as it discusses lots of lots of Asian beauty tips and makeup ideas for South Asian women but I wouldn't find it useful for all.


The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible (£11.79)

I'm 23 which is meant to a good age to begin an anti-ageing regimen. I bought this mainly for anti ageing advice and tips, which it does include, but it is more useful for its recommendations on purchasing the best anti ageing products.
Products were tested by various women and then their opinions were collated to give the average grade to a product.
Here's an example page
 I'd definitely recommend this book to those who are planning to spend money on anti ageing products or just makeup in general and are looking to buy the best items. I know I'd probably just end up trying and testing everything under the sun if it wasn't for this book. I also think it's a decent price.


Rae Morris - Makeup: The Ultimate Guide (£10.28)

I'd definitely recommend this one to all makeup beginners. Great tips and a combination of wearable and more bold looks. I really liked the pictures too.


Making Faces by Kevyn Aucoin (not currently on amazon but can find on eBay for around £23)

I bought this one as I had heard lots of positive things about it but I was underwhelmed when I saw it because I found some of the tips and looks themselves a little dated (which does make sense since it was published in the 90s).
It includes lots of makeovers (lots of celebrities) under titles like "The Starlet" and "The Diva" etc. I found it useful for images of classic looks.
I did like this book but for the hefty price tag and the fact that it isn't very current I wouldn't recommend it to all.


Makeup Your Mind - Nars (£17.34)

This book includes a variety of looks with before and after shots as well as a record of all the products used. It's a NARS book so obviously it uses only NARS products but they are easily dupeable.
I expected to love this book as I wanted clear images of looks rather than basic tips (we all know about primers and white eyeliners by now, they repeat the same stuff in ALL makeup books). I didn't like most of the makeovers though. Many of them looked a little ridiculous (one girl looked like she had an infected pink eye) and a lot of the models were also made to look androgynous. I like feminine and pretty looks so this book wasn't for me. Came with a high price tag too so this was (IMO), overall, a fail item.


Makeup by Marie Claire (£6.50)

This was another book good for beginners and whilst I prefer books aimed at intermediate level and above I liked it because the pictures were pretty (there were some bold looks but not an overwhelming amount). It's a smaller book than some of the others mentioned but I think it's good book for the price.

Example pages:


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