Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Sleep deprived

I've been veering off from beauty related posts recently and there is one main reason for that - I have been working all day solid recently. As a result I don't have much time to try many new (or even old) cosmetics and look a tad grouchy, particularly in the mornings.

The last time I pulled an all nighter was last year when I had my final deadline to hand in work for my course. The year before that when I was in my final year of university I often pulled all-nighters staying up to finish assignments (I became increasingly lazy as time went on, leaving more and more work to the last minute.  Ironically though, I got better results in my final year of uni after pulling all nighters rather than spreading my workload over a week but that's another story).

Times have changed now though. I have a massive deadline to meet tomorrow and I am working at a snail's pace. The faster I try to get things done the slower I become. I'm not in full on panic or stress mode yet but I figure I may get there soon. My huge work pile didn't build up out of laziness this time round and I'm wondering if I should attempt an all nighter despite having vast amounts of work to get through tomorrow also. In the past an all nighter wouldn't have phased me but now the idea fills me with dread. No sleep for an entire night? What a preposterous idea! I couldn't possibly handle it. But it kind of makes me sad to think that I couldn't manage it anymore because it makes me feel OLD. Like I'm no longer living the studenty lifestyle.

So what am I doing now while I have a major work deadline due tomorrow? I'm online blogging about it of course. What are blogs there for if not to vent our woes and then feel better?

Well now that I've rambled on I better get back to work. I'll have to work at a manic pace to avoid a sleep deprived night and a morning looking like this:

She may have dark circles but man does she have awesome skin

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