Saturday, 9 July 2011

Makeup Swap :)

I did my first ever makeup swap with the lovely Miloberry recently and we did a bit of a UK-USA product exchange. There's lots of good, affordable makeup ranges in America that we can't get a hold of here in the UK (or often if we can the prices are ridiculous) so I asked specifically for a few things:

 I think Milani eyeliners are my favourites of all time. I have tried eyeliners from all over the place; Avon, Stila, Urban Decay, No7, Barry M, the list is endless... I expected Stila's waterproof liners to be the best but I think Milani have been the most long lasting on my waterline. They are also paraben free so that's a bonus! I already own a Milani pencil in brown so I asked for black because that's a staple shade. I also asked for the Smashbox photo op under eye brightener which I love using under my concealer. I heard it's better for use over concealer but I get a better effect if I use it under. I also asked for a couple ELF shine erasers (just coz they're cheaper stateside). Finally I asked for the Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda concealer palette which I've heard so much about.

I liked everything she sent me but this product is definitely my favourite. It comes with 2 concealer shades, one greenish tinged neutraliser and a press powder. I took this photo in my evening light so that's why the colours look a little orange but they aren't so orange-y in real life. This was one of those products where I was really hoping it would live up to the hype and it certainly did. I wish we had Sonia Kashuk in the UK.

She also kindly sent me a bunch of product samples and freebies, plus a little notecard. Here's everything altogether:

For me, the best product surprise was the Loreal HIP Duo eyeshadow in 818 (we have just the regular line and Studio Secrets line in the UK, so for me this was the first time trying out Loreal HIP). Recently I've begun looking for more high end eyeshadows because I feel that sometimes drugstore shadows are lacking in pigmentation but the Loreal HIP is certainly not lacking at all! Very impressed with the golden shade in particular. It was also my first time trying out a Wet n Wild trio and I received the palette in Sweet As Candy. I think it'll be nice for an every day look.

My first makeup swap and it turned out very well! I liked everything and can't wait to try all the little extra samples, especially the bare minerals foundation :)

If interested in the products I sent Miloberry will be doing a post soon.

I think this first swap has given me the thirst for doing more makeup swaps in future :)


  1. Anytime you want some American products just let me know! I would love, love, love to do a swap some time!

  2. That'd be cool Amelia. Let me know when you want to do the swap.

  3. Whenever you'd like -- just let me know what product you're looking for!


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