Saturday, 14 May 2011

Last BB cream haul and quick Etude House LuciDarling eyeshadow review

My final two BB creams arrived last week. I got the general Missha BB cream in shade 23 coz my old one has nearly run out and shade 21 is way too pale for me (I might just be able to use it when I get lighter in the winter but only with a darker powder).

As usual I purchased from a lovely and well trusted seller on eBay since the UK has not yet discovered the joy of East Asian cosmetics. The seller always gives loads of nice samples and they're always wrapped in really cute packaging. Sometimes it's in cellophane that says "To My Lover" on it (tee hee hee), but random quote aside it's really nice of the seller to package it like that.

And here's what they look like all randomly splayed out. I really like the Super Aqua cleanser. I've had so many samples of it now that I have been using it on-off for the last few weeks. I've also got so many samples of the Missha Signature BB cream that I regret having bought a full size tube since the samples have kept me going for weeks.
 So the final (new) BB cream I got is the Missha Vita Moisture BB cream. I already have the matte version of this which is definitely good for oily skinned individuals. I decided to order the Moisture version when I was going through a horribly dry skin phase. I tried it today and it's definitely hydrating but I think the coverage is very light, it's just dewy but useless for anything else. Hmm, I'll give it a longer trial before coming to a final conclusion.

I counted and in total I now have 14 BB creams to comment on from Missha, Hanskin, Skin79 and some others. I will be doing full reviews on them all once I've given them a full chance (meaning tried them all individually for at least a week or two). I can say now that Missha seems to be my outright winner but it has been changing continuously depending on how my skin has been feeling.

So apart from the BB creams I also ordered an eyeshadow palette from Etude House's LUCIDarling collection. There are a few sets to choose from:

I got set number 3. The seller packaged it like a sweet!

 The actual palette case wasn't as fancy as I'd hoped it'd be, it's just a pink plastic case (that actually smelled like industrial plastic and chemicals - bleurgh). But it had a brown bow opening which is nice.

Here's the back of the palette. I heard that most Korean cosmetics include the production date - so that means this particular palette was produced quite recently :)
I'll make sure I take pics in better lighting next time! But overall, colours really are as boring as you see them here. One thing to note - I think this is a mirror image so keep in mind applicators are actually on the right side of the palette and eyeshadows on the left!
And some swatches of the eyeshadows (on Kleenex!)

Overall I'm not impressed with the Etude House palette at all. I was hoping that the peach shade would be a nice all over lid shade but its just very plain and basic with some ginormous shimmers in it. The browns are nothing special, you'd be able to dupe them from any palette and the highlight shade is too shimmery for use on the brow bone but underwhelming on the eye. Some of the shimmers also fall all over my face a few hours into wear. The texture of the shadows is like butter which is nice in theory (means smooth application) but at the same time it's like one touch with the brush dents the shadows. I also feel like I've used quite a bit up with just my first use so these probably won't last long. It's not a bad palette AT ALL, it'd be okay for someone who hasn't got many shimmery neutrals. But for me it's just too average for the price. I won't be buying any more Etude House shadows.

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