Saturday, 14 May 2011

Book Haul Number 3

I am really starting to get into Nicholas Sparks novels now. At first I just dismissed them as ridiculously cheesy, self indulgent romance nonsense. But that was before I'd even read a single one - my judgement was based on the films. One thing I should know after reading novels that have been converted into films - the original novels are nearly always 99.9% better than the movie adaptations. After reading A Walk to Remember I knew I was going to read as many Nicholas Sparks novels as possible. Yes his novels are in the romance genre but all my other previous pre-judgements are wrong.

The novel I got is called The Wedding which is meant to be a sequel to The Notebook (and I hated that film despite people raving about it and I heard the novel isn't that different so that's one Nicholas sparks novel I stayed away from). I also heard this can be read as a separate novel in itself so I'm looking forward to reading it, I'll try and brush any thoughts of The Notebook out my mind coz I totally, totally despise that film.

I also got a Cecilia Ahern novel and a Sarah Dessen. The latter novel I think is a teen novel which I hadn't realised when I ordered it (I don't even know why I bought it, these days so much unrelated junk seems to end up on my recommended reading list and I blindly ordered this one coz it had near enough 5 stars. But 5 stars doesn't always mean it's going to be an awesome book - case in point, the atrocity that is Love in a Time of Cholera). Not saying I no longer like teen novels but these days I am finding that they rarely appeal to me. It's odd that the teen novels I read as a kid and then teen myself (like L. J. Smith's Nightworld series or anything written by her in general, or Point Horror and Caroline B. Cooney novels) I can still read and enjoy now but the newer stuff I just can't connect with. Anyway, I can't really write this novel off before I've even read so I'll give it a chance before I say I regret buying it (though I kinda do, I'm not buying anything from Amazon ever again, seriously, I'm addicted).

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