Monday, 7 March 2011

Top 5 Hand Creams

I never used to bother too much with hand creams before which I regret now since I'm starting to get really wrinkly, sun damaged skin. Better late then never though I suppose - I guess having funny mannish looking dry hands makes me an ideal candidate to test hand creams. Anywho here are 5 that I have liked most:

5. Neutrogena Anti ageing hand cream (£4.59/50ml)

I bought this for my mum originally 'cause I thought she'd like the anti ageing label but it was less effective at keeping her hands soft than most creams so she passed it on to me after a few uses; thus we couldn't see how well it worked as an anti ageing cream at all. But as a general cream I thought it was okay - I liked it but didn't love it. 7/10

4. Lush Dream Cream (£10.25/240g)

Worked well as a hand and body cream - quickly absorbed and leaving no residue. Massive tub that lasts for AGES. Liked it but didn't love it as a hand cream because I didn't find the effects were long lasting. Overall 7/10.

3. Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector (£5.00/100ml)

This cream definitely kept my hands smoother and softer for longer and I noticed a change straight after using it. The smell, however, is grotesque and doesn't fade quickly. That alone put me off. 8/10.

2. Avon creams

I used to buy hand creams (again for my mum) from Avon all the time and I always found they worked extremely well. I can't find the one I wanted to place at number two on their site - I think it's discontinued =( Nevertheless I still think they do good hand creams in general so it's still worth having a wonder round their site. Overall I rate their creams 8.5/10

1. Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Unscented Hand Cream (£3.52/50g)

Neutrogena does the best concentrated hand cream for me. The unscented one is my favourite since I'm not a fan of synthetic fragrances in skincare products. It takes some time to be absorbed into the skin but the effects are really long lasting so it doesn't need to be continuously reapplied throughout the day. Good stuff. 10/10


  1. I use one from the sanctuary. It smells nice and has SPF 15. I like it

  2. One dermatologist said that u need at least spf40 in our weather or it's redundant but I dunno how true that is since people haven't been researching SPF for that long. I use extra spf50 on top if handcream when I remember (which is practically never, but I do occasionally)


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