Friday, 4 March 2011

Crown Brush first impressions

I've known about Crown Brushes for quite some time now but I only just decided to purchase some of their products. I checked out their website on Wednesday and saw that they did have a UK site too so I looked at their products and I was impressed by the generally low prices of the eye brushes (roughly around £2-£6 each). They have soooo many ranges to choose from that I think for a newbie to their site, like myself, it's a little overwhelming. They also have too many individual brushes to keep count of and not many have names on them that are memorable (most of them have a letter-number format and that's it) so I wasn't sure where to begin really. There aren't that many reviews on individual brushes online either. But I still thought I'd take a chance and ordered 9 different brushes of varying prices.

Delivery time was super impressive - I placed my order on Wednesday night and the brushes arrived today (Friday morning)! It was a pleasant surprise finding a package awaiting me when I got home today. The package itself looked like this:

Just your bog standard UKMail flimsy-ish plastic. Nothing special but it did the job. Inside the brushes were in bubble wrap:
The brushes were all in clear, plastic sleeves that most brushes come in:
I bought brushes from most of the lines. I heard great things about the Italian Badger range and the powder brush (the one on the furthest right here) is pretty soft and really dense. The other Italian Badger brush seems a little scratchy though. The pink handle brush (forget which range it is) is really, REALLY packed full of bristles and seems to be made of sturdier material than the other brushes. Perhaps I will purchase future brushes from that range.

Overall, these brushes have made a good first impression on me. I'll use them all and do individual quick reviews on them once I've tried them out. The only thing I hate about them is the way they smell (especially Italian Badger brushes, bleurgh). Hopefully that's nothing a good wash and condition won't fix.

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