Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Jane a Day Journal

Time for another Jane Austen notebook post and this one is a 5 year diary. It's from Potter style and is around £10 on Amazon at the moment but prices do fluctuate (and I managed to purchase it for a lot less when the price was down).
It's quite small (3.2 x 11.4 x 15.9 cm) and the lines are TINY. I have handwriting that is on the smaller side but even I struggled to fit in my comments.
Each date comes with a Jane Austen quote from her novels or letters.
Each page has space for 5 (very miniscule) entries. At first I started off using the journal to comment on each Jane Austen quote but now I use it to summarise what I did in the day so that I can look back at a date at random and see what I did that day.
The pages are thick and white so ink has very little show through on the other side.

Like the other Jane Austen journal I reviewed I would recommend this as a gift for any Janeite! If I had to choose just one or the other I would recommend the other journal as an all rounder as it's more affordable and has more space to write comfortably. But both are great and have different uses and purposes so you could easily own and use both simultaneously.

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  1. Nice review. This is a tempting book to pick up. I like the vintage style. I'm not sure I would want to comment 5 years each day on Austin quotes though. It looks like it's well made and it's good to hear that the paper is ok.


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