Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Haul from sasa.com

For the first month ever I didn't write a single post last month. I've just been so busy with work (such is the boring life of a teacher) that the internet tends to be the first thing to get neglected. But I did manage to buy that new camera I've been lemming over for ages. Still not got the hang of it yet but hopefully by August there will be more regular posts with improved picture quality :)

Anyhoo I did stick to my no buy ban and I'm glad because I've used up a lot of my skincare and makeup and don't feel the need to splurge every week anymore. I'm really fighting this addiction. As a result I've been buying things only when I need them.

I purchased a few things from sasa.com because I've never tried sheet masks before and was really interested in the My Beauty Diary brand. As always I did end up picking up a few extra things but nothing too extravagant.

First off I purchased a My Beauty Diary Wishing box full of tightening masks. I heard the whitening ones are the best but I decided to go for this set because it had the Aloe masks which I wanted to try and also had a nice variety to choose from so I figured there would be at least one mask in this collection I would like. Whitening my skin is not a priority for me (my face is already way paler than my neck - perhaps because of all the SPF I put on my face via face creams and foundation) but I like the sound of fading scars through brightening so I may go for whitening masks in future. This set cost me $36 for 24 masks in total and a body lotion which seems like a reasonable sum to me. I've tried two of the masks so far and loved them. Will do proper reviews once I've tried everything and not had adverse reactions.

The packaging seems a little cheesy and perhaps it's marketed at a younger audience than I expected but I like it anyhow.
I also purchased a Clinique set with minis because I've not tried many products from Clinique before and especially wanted to try their skincare so I figured this would be an ideal opportunity. This travel kit cost me $22. I like the bag it came in.
Unfortunately I'm not too fond of the contents. The creams are a little too rich for me and I'm not a fan of any of the makeup. But as with everything I will use up and then not repurchase.
And I also got a free pen! I like marketing strategies like that. People always need pens.

Price wise everything was affordable but I was left with a £22 customs charge when my package arrived :( I really hate those unexpected charges. So I'd perhaps purchase from the site again in future but only if products were really reduced in price or on sale and I'd buy a bunch of products so that I wouldn't feel too bad about that customs charge. Items took around 2-3 weeks to get here (UK) from Hong Kong which wasn't too bad. I would recommend the site to all.

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