Wednesday, 27 July 2011

It's a great time to purchase ELF products :)

50% off sale!!!!!

It ends on Saturday (30th of July 2011) so there are still a couple of days remaining for UK buyers to purchase discounted ELF products.

The US site always seems to have impressive discount codes (one time I remember they even had 75% off!) whilst the UK site has very rubbish deals in comparison (like free shipping for orders over £10 etc) which don't last long (like less than 24 hours). This time, however, we get a discount code that really is worth using.

All I really wanted was the HD powder which is always out of stock whenever I want to buy it. Thankfully it was available this time (at the bargain discounted price of £3) and I couldn't just leave it there so I ended up spending a small fortune even though I'm meant to be on a hauling ban. Gah. ELF's marketing strategy is fully working!

ELF's shipping times are usually quick but slow down significantly when it's sale season so I'm not expecting these products for a while. As always I'll do a full haul when I receive it all :)

1 comment:

  1. I took advantage of this it was such a great offer! Can't wait to read you haul, I'm gonna do one too xx


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