Sunday, 19 June 2011

Another random haul

Stuff I like:

Newbies that I'm testing out: Neutrogena intense repair body lotion (which is okay so far but not what I was expecting - for some reason I expected it to be like the hand cream which I LOVE).

Oilatum cream - I picked this up by accident, I had intended to buy the Natural Repair face cream but it wasn't there and the plain Oilatum cream was the only one on the shelves. I'll have to go looking in larger Boots stores for the face cream I guess (though I had expected it to be present in the Lakeside store).

Other stuff I like:

The beautyblender sponge. This has been raved about in the online community so I ordered a double pack from which is a great website for UK buyers who want the beauty blender or NYX products at a decent price. I always wait till they have 20% off sales to purchase from cherryculture and they email the discount codes for sales quite often (every major holiday). I always thought this was just an overpriced sponge but I was blown away by how smoothly it applies foundation. I've been using this over my Sigma foundation brush recently.

Finally I also ordered some NYX Chrome Pigments which are fantastic quality. Recently I think that MAC pigments are gritty and don't have the best formula (I've heard they have changed the formulas for a lot of their products in the last few years and that's why many people have been disappointed with the new pigments). I think I'll be stocking up on NYX Chrome pigments rather than the MAC - that is how much I like them. And also, lets be honest - how many people even finish a pigment jar in a lifetime? Not many. I'd rather pick the cheaper option of NYX than super expensive MAC.

I also got one NYX Ultimate Pearl Shadow (shade: salmon pink). This one I wasn't a big fan of; it has some chunky glitters that don't bind to the shadow at all so you get sheer colour on the lid and glitter fallout under the eye. Not a fan, but thankfully I didn't order a dozen.

Now I am not going to buy any more makeup (apart from maybe MUA Pro since it's so cheap) or skincare until I finish off all my cleansers and moisturisers and finish at least 10 eyeshadows (which will be never! Ha!)

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