Sunday, 27 February 2011

A different re-telling of the classic Cinderella tale

Way back in 2000 when I had just turned 12 Channel 4 created a modern (ish) version of the Cinderella tale that included elements of various Cinderella stories. The Disney version that we all know doesn't really follow the original storyline - but then what exactly is the original plot? Variations of the Cinderella story exist in countless cultures and have been around for centuries. Anyway, Channel 4 showed this version around Boxing Day I think, and it was the kind of thing I was obsessed with back then (classic story retold). I remembered it the other day so did a quick search and lo and behold with a youtube search at my fingertips I got to watch this version again after a whole decade. I love the first half of it, it's pretty unusual. The last half gets a little kitsch though. Prince "Valiant" says stuff like "deeply cool" and "far out" and says other stuff in the same vain - nothing of any substance. In this version he is just a pretty face. Then it kind of disintegrates into stupidity. But it's still all good fun! Definitely still worth watching - one to save for a rainy day when you want a laugh.

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