Friday, 25 February 2011

Book Babble #3 - Dilly Court

I ordered two Victorian era set novels from amazon the other day. They had some good reviews and seemed cheesy and girly enough to entice me - I do love my cheese (both literal and metaphorical). But I hope they aren't overcheesy if you know what I mean (like cheesy to the point where it becomes typical and you can guess every line that is going to come next). I've not read many Victorian era set novels. I honestly bought them 'coz they were on the suggested reading list and were marked down in price. I hope the sale price i.e. "cheapy" label i've applied on these books doesn't also mean I have to add the "rubbish novel" label to them. I'm hoping Dilly Court becomes a writer that I begin following because she seems to have quite a following already and I want to join a literary bandwagon - I haven't read any really good books in a long time and i'm feeling bored of mediocre stuff that I simply force myself to read because they are on reading lists (case in point: Love in a time of cholera).

I'll update once I've got through the books - lets hope the reviews will be positive.

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