Saturday, 27 August 2011

Bobbi Brown BBU Palette Review

I bought this palette as I'm just beginning to do makeup for others and whilst I'm most definitely not a pro, I still thought I could do with a foundation and concealer kit in my collection rather than buy full sized foundations to mix (or use anything like those disastrous Sleek testers).

This pallette is available only online from Bobbi Brown's website. I paid £185 for it which is a hefty price for any makeup item but it comes with a wide variety of shades that would be difficult to find in any other cohesive palette.

From Bobbi Brown's site:
BBU Includes: 11 shades of Corrector for extra dark circles,14 shades of Creamy Concealer for average undereye darkness, and 20 shades of Foundation Stick to give skin a smooth, even finish. Corrector (.04oz./1.2g each); Concealer (.03 oz./ 1.1g each); Foundation Stick (.05 oz./ 1.7g each).
Shiny. black container that gets finger print marks easily

the back of the palette
size comparison to a MAC palette
Size wise the palette is very small. Even though I knew it would be small and compact, which is convenient for traveling, I was still disappointed when I saw it since it doesn't contain that much product.

Comparison of the width of the Bobbi Brown BBU Palette to a MAC palette
the concealers and correctors on the left and shade names on the right
20 foundations and an empty well for mixing

The concealer colours looked overly peach to me but on the skin they blended in well. They did cover blemishes and under eye circles but they creased BADLY without a powder. With a powder there was slight creasing but nothing major. 

The foundations seemed very yellow based and warm toned which you can see in the images with flash:

I'm not sure how well these would work on neutral and cool complexions. Well, only practise and use will tell.

One thing I wasn't impressed with when I initially opened the palette is the minor scuffing and dents that were in the concealers. You probably can't see the marks very well in this image but it was a little gross considering it was a brand new item and I hadn't touched it at all. Didn't seem clean and pristine like I expect all new makeup items to be.

This is the only brand I have seen that offers this kind of all-in-one foundation/concealer palette so I have nothing to compare it to. On the one hand it's useful to have all these colours in one place but there was lots I found disappointing about it. The two palest and four darkest foundation shades were given smaller wells than all the other shades. Whilst I'm a middling shade myself and this wouldn't effect my personal use too much, I purchased this palette to use on others and this would limit my use on pale or deeper complexions. I also felt I had to use quite a bit of product to do a full face of foundation so I know this wouldn't last long. Still, until another brand comes along with a similar palette I will have to use this one.


  1. Hi sweetie. I was just about to get a friend to purchase this for me in America. I was wondering wondering would you recommend this for a makeup artist or would the concealers be used up very quickly? I'm abit nervous id use up certain colours and be left with loads i wouldn't use often xx

  2. I can totally see them being used up quickly, and i can also see the palette having lots of empty wells whilst others are still half full. The concealers also crease under the eyes even with powder. It'd be good for people who don't have many fine lines at all. I've had lines under my eyes since i was a teen but they didn't get noticeable till I was 20. Most concealers crease on me (minus things like Touche Eclat) so I'd say I probably have more creasy under eyes than most but I still wouldn't recommend this for the concealers alone. Foundations are okay. I haven't found any other palettes like this so I am still getting lots of use out of mine (I used it for a makeup trial last week actually, and it was fine). It really depends, if you are a very in-demand makeup artist than this won't last forever. But if you have jobs here and there (like me) than this will do the job.

  3. hi,
    jt came across your blog.
    love it .
    im a sleek fan too :)
    do check out my blog too <3

  4. graftobian do a really good palette which can be purchased here or america for cheaper - however no concealers - just foundations

  5. Hi, just wanted to ask if you have ever tried supercover? Very good products, the site does a professional kit for £600 but you get everything you could need in full sizes, which last and last.


  6. Will defo check out shabbina, thanks for the heads up^^


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